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900 megabytes for what exactly?

Poor design and execution

The final product doesn't even place the object in the location that you placed it in, I tried three times and couldn't get it to cover the exact spot. Cool idea but needs more development behind it. What's with the 1GB size???

Doesn't work.

Every time I get done with a pic it gets to 99.3% and the crashes. I have never seen the animations once. Too bad, I had high hopes for this app. And I am mystified that porn hub would put their name on this garbage.

great idea

Really fun idea but the nipple detecting isn't doing it's job. have the option to place them manually and have them stay in that postion OR have the auto detect, because when it doesn't work it just doesn't work.

App is not what it's suppose to be

Isn't anything like Snapchat, at all! Poor photo editing app, would rather take my chances with getting prints from wal-mart in the 80's than print this trash out at Kinkos.

Not 933 MB :P

Actually this app is far less then 933 :P

Excellent idea

SUGGESTION: 1- What would make a bomb success would be to give the possibility to the receiver of the picture to remove the "sticker" from the part of the picture we are hiding with a sticker. Giving the receiver the choice :-) 2- Also to add flipping feature: the eggplant depending the curvature of the body part.... 3- add : nuts, cherries, crawling insects , worms , easy over eggs, lichee... Etc ...

Totally misleading

This isn't "Snapchat for nudes" it's a picture editing app and nothing more. That's all you can do with it

Not AR...

It's a sticker app... not Augmented Reality.

Good concept, poor execution, too bloated.

Adding animation onto photos is a nice idea, but only the champagne bottle was well done. Loading a photo from the camera roll sometimes produced a variety of glitches and crashes. Even when it works successfully an app like this is of limited value, since anyone can already overlay emojis to censor photos. The current app size of 933MB is unwieldy and impractical for a mobile app that would be used so little. Some company should take this concept and do it better, more compact.

933 MB?!??

Too much of a size!!

Cool idea

I like the concept and like many others, I saw the video and thought it would be much better than it really is. They compared it to Snapchat but that's not an accurate comparison. I wish it tracked in real time or at least knew where your "items" were so you didn't have to reformat every time you wanted to check out something new.

Undorító gyalázatos alakalmazas.

Ez egy borzalom mi a lőcs 930 mega ezen..

933mb is ridiculous

You really need to reduce the size of the app. Will try when it's smaller.

Not actual AR

Doesn't actually use AR like Snapchat lenses.

It's a pretty good start

The next update that comes out will probably fix all the kinks

Great idea but poor execution

Clearly more effort was put into making the video than the app. I expected that the camera would recognize my nipnops or at least remember where they are after I point them out. The first video I made didn't save and I had to do it over again. Nothing is automatic and everything is incredibly slow. Hire some better programmers pornhub 👎🏻🍆


4+ can use the app

900 mb?

Are you kidding me? That's insane. Who coded this garbage.



poorly executed. slow and stupid attempt.

it's an interesting idea, but once you manipulate the picture, the placement of the covering object isn't accurate, it changes after it is saved. Plus, you simply lie when you say you can go back and edit the picture. You have to start over, and there's nothing Automatic about the placement, like your video would suggest, it's completely manually done and it's a boring process. Go back to the drawing board. Hire some people with talent. It's cumbersome and clunky, looks like something a fifth grader created… Again, interesting idea, but a piece of crap when it comes to the execution of this potentially wonderful app. your video is great. Your app is crap.

Illuminated my dull ding-dong

10/10. not a family app.

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